RE-purpose for Drive-In Speakers

RE-purpose for Drive-In Speakers

We were watching one of the storage wars shows (can’t remember which one, there are so many) and a team found some old drive-in speakers. Turned out the whole set was only worth about $50. They were disappointed. I was yelling at the TV (you know you do it too sometimes) “SEND THEM TO ME!!!”

Imagine a home theater room….. take out the inside of the drive-in speakers and replace with the inside of surround sound speakers. You could make the entire room with a vintage/nostalgic feel, and the drive-in speakers would be the PERFECT finishing touch.

Hopefully someday I’ll be lucky enough to find a set and re-purpose them!

Thrifting Tip


Sometimes while thrift shopping I have problems fully discerning a maker’s mark on China, porcelain or stoneware. I like to look it up online before I buy or bid.

A simple solution is to use your phone to snap a pic. Then you can enlarge  the view on your phone screen to easily see all the important words and markings.

Happy shopping !