Christmas wreath on a budget


My daughter wanted a silver and gold Christmas wreath for her front door. She went shopping with her mother-in-law and didn’t like the retail prices she found.

Luckily, Hobby Lobby was running a half-off sale on all their Christmas items. I bought a 24 inch frame for $5, and two 9 foot garlands for $5 each. I also purchased 2 rolls of wired ribbon for $5 each, and each roll had 90 feet of beautiful ribbon! I have plenty left for other projects

After wiring the garland to the frame, I went to my local Dollar Tree store for inspiration. I found plenty of silver & gold bling to accessorize the wreath. I spent $36 including glue sticks and floral wire to finish the project.

I love the battery operated candles! There were 2 of them in a package for only $1 at Dollar Tree! Wiring them to the wreath was very easy, too.

I spent $61 total making this wreath, and I’ve seen this size wreath sell for $200 and up.

My next project is decorating a vintage wooden sled for her front porch. We purchased it at a flea market about 15 years ago, and she enjoyed using that old sled for several winters.

I’ll post pics of that project when I finish it. I have a 10 day stretch at work coming up, so it will be after Thanksgiving when I begin to tackle that one.

St. Patrick’s Day Decor – 2 Projects

I know there are several weeks until St. Patrick’s Day, but if you start gathering supplies today, you’ll have your decor ready right after Valentine’s Day.

The first project is a wreath I made for my daughter. I gathered supplies from the Dollar Tree and from various inexpensive party supply stores. I think I have under $12 total in this wreath.

st pats wreath

The colors didn’t “pop” well in this photo, and unfortunately, the wreath is stored in my daughter’s garage. There is a small black plastic pot located at about 2:00 on the wreath. It is surrounded by gold “coins” that came in a package from Dollar Tree.   The green & white bow on the bottom also came from there. The “Luck of the Irish” sign was $2.00 at Dollar General. The leprechaun hat came from a party supply store for just a dollar.  It is all on a grapevine wreath base that came from a garage sale for only 50 cents!

The next project is an adorable centerpiece from 21 Rosemary Lane

“Luck of the Leprechaun” Hat Centerpiece

Click on the link above for the instructions for this adorable project.