Pillsbury Bake-Off, Please Choose Me!

My husband has been trying to convince me to enter into the realm of competitive cooking for several years now. I enjoy cooking, I enjoy coming up with new recipes (especially cookies during the Christmas season!) and I am forever “tweaking” recipes after I have tried them once. 

I am now tossing my hat in the ring to enter the 2013 Pillsbury Bake-Off. The experiment for the first category, “Amazing Doable Dinners” will begin tomorrow. I’m sure my husband will be tired of eating various versions of the same dish while I tweak and perfect my recipe. It won’t be for long, because the deadline is February 7th. 

I will be entering all three phases of the competition this year. I honestly can’t expect to be chosen the first year I enter, but I’m looking forward to learning new things, and breaking the ice into the world of competitive cooking.

I’ll post the recipe I submit here the day after the entry deadline. If you choose to try my recipe, please give me your feedback!




2 thoughts on “Pillsbury Bake-Off, Please Choose Me!

  1. Good Luck Kim!! One suggestion – just make sure you’re allowed to post your recipe. A lot of contests consider this publishing the recipe and could possibly DQ the recipe. Better to be safe and check with Pillsbury or whichever company first. You can email them to check. In contests the recipes you submit usually become the property of the company.
    Best of luck to you!!! ( :

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