Happy Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary! Here is the love of my life:


He is still recovering from 2 major surgeries, plus we are having more winter weather moving in. and I’m also not excited about sharing the road with drunks. We are staying home, having some of our favorite appetizers and just cuddling together. Wow, it seems like yesterday that we were married in an ice storm. A fairy tale wedding on a shoestring budget, but it was still beautiful! I remember walking down that aisle and looking into those blue eyes, and knew my heart was home. Like any marriage, we’ve had our ups and downs; our share of life altering situations, and our fair share of temptations to tear us apart.

No one will ever love me the way he does, and I would never be able to give myself entirely to anyone else. My soul mate, the love of my life, and the best verbal sparring opponent in the world, I love you, Mark!

2 of the songs at our wedding:

I Swear:  The song had not been released yet. We heard John Michael Montgomery sing it at a live concert in October 1992. He opened for Reba McIntyre in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We heard the song and knew we had to have it at our wedding. We contacted JMM’s management company, and were told that since it had not been released yet, they couldn’t give us a copy of the recording. Finally, we found a radio station that obtained a bootleg copy and gave it to us as a wedding present with the promise that we would never divulge from whence it came. 

Flesh of My Flesh: This song represents everything we took to the altar when we exchanged vows. Our union blessed by God and our families. 


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