Stress? What Stress?

I have many new projects I am itching to renew or upcycle.
In June I purchased a very nice wooden wine cabinet at a garage sale in Illinois. Someone had given it a hideous and very sloppy paint job. I sanded it, but then the weather turned unbearably hot.

This evening we had storms ahead of a cold front. I’m hoping the cooler weather will afford me the opportunity to kick refurbishing into high gear.

The first thing I want to finish is the wine rack. I still haven’t finished stripping the multiple layers of latex paint off the antique corner cabinet I purchased in April. I still have frames for 2 baby beds to convert to benches, 3 coffee tables, one sofa table, media cabinet, a dresser that I have painted, but needs a light sanding before I decoupage vintage sheet music onto it.

I have a box of reclaimed wood that needs to be converted to signs. I have tons of inspiration, but I’m short on time.  I realize that this season of Mark’s surgeries and subsequent recovery will merely seem like a feather upon the wind of time… in a decade or two. Right now, it’s consuming. I made a vow that included the words, “In sickness and in health.” I don’t resent nursing Mark. I just miss sleeping, LOL.


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