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Howdy. Come on it, sit a spell. Kick ya shoes off!

Thanks for visiting my little blog. My husband says I have adult onset ADD. I tell him I’m just creative and sometimes explode with ideas. 

I’m a flea market vendor. I love picking estates, attending auctions, going to garage sales & dumpster diving. Many times I see potential in things that most see as junk. Sometimes I will just sit on a piece or two and wait for inspiration. Other times I find myself upcycling or refinishing something and just can’t let it go to be sold. 

I love to craft and create as well…. as long as there is no sewing involved. Today I may be doing florals, tomorrow I might be working on furniture. I just never know which breeze is going to move me.

One thing you will almost always find me doing is cooking and trolling Pinterest. I love experimenting with food and trying new recipes. I try to create a new cookie recipe every year. I’ll share this year’s trials, errors & keepers with you as the Christmas season grows closer. 

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